Carbon Thrust Bearing, Bushes & Pads

Carbon Thrust Bearing

We offer a wide range of carbon thrust bearing that is used in submersible pump and helps the pump to run in dry condition. It is appreciated for the self-lubrication property and also improves the life of the thrust bearing and all the other parts of pump. The range is high on strength and offer excellent resistance against heat and pressure. We also consider clients requirements as detailed by them.

Carbon is the only material suitable for wear parts in submersible pumps such as thrust bearings and axial bushes due to its excellent properties such as:

  • High wear resistance
  • Self lubricating
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • Low thermal expansion
  • Dry running properties
  • Good thermal conductivity

    Benefits of carbon thrust bearings in submersible motors.
  • Pump starts at low voltage
  • Pump runs even if there is voltage fluctuation
    Power saving benefits
  • Motor runs using less ampere thus saves electricity up to 10%
  • The annual saving of electricity is almost equal to the pump cost
    Increase in pump efficiency up to 5%
  • More output of water as there is no friction loss and we get maximum(full) rpm
  • Desired water is obtained in less time thus pump needs to runs for less time
    Other benefits
  • The motor with carbon thrust bearing and bushing starts immediately even after prolonged rest.
  • The motor does not vibrate
  • The motor runs without noise
  • Made on CNC machines with on-line inspection
  • Machined with necessary tolerances within 20 microns.
  • Impregnated with resin.
  • Lapped up to 3 light bands.
  • Can be supplied in huge quantities.
  • Can be made as per customers requirements.
  • Hardness up to 85 HSD.
  • Temperature resistance up to 200 deg c